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With 10+ years of experience, our Seattle-based marketing team focuses on rapidly launching, optimizing & growing quality brands by using proven, best-in-class services.

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Established in 2014.


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How we help validate & grow your brand

As the #1 brand validation agency for Amazon, we provide honest services (SEO, Promotions, Building Emails, Advertising) that can test demand & kickstart your growth.  

Eliminate the guesswork by using our expertise. Save time  by leveraging our turn-key solutions that quickly validates market demand in the real world and grows with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It takes time to test, validate, and improve performance over time. On the average, you will start seeing real results after 21 days but this is only short-term gains and not sustainable. Amazon requires consistent and methodical effort for months, even years, to continuously scale up and improve your sales.

I wish it would only take one day and everybody can make a huge amount of money quickly and easily. But in reality, it doesn't work that way. Amazon is much smarter than you and I. Trust me, they know all the tricks, hacks, and black hat strategies. Believe me, I've met with them at their headquarters and they know everything sellers are doing to cut corners.

Also the search algorithm knows this and only rewards quality products with long-term, continuously sales over a long. That's why we need to ensure you have a solid foundation for a minimum 90 days in order to measure results properly.

We try to deliver the maximum amount of results possible for your product. There are no guarantees of making millions because there are hundreds of factors that make a product successful and convert to a sale. We can't guarantee results but we can certainly use a scientific approach by testing the demand for your product, measuring, then maximizing based on data and what's working. It's an iterative process of continuous improvement.

But if your really focused on ROI, we had made some clients millions. But the bottom line is... Will a ton of customers actually buy your product or not?

Yes absolutely. The level of quality of your product is determined by how the customer perceives the product and how useful it is. It's hard to say if your product is "low quality" if people are still buying and providing good reviews or feedback. If you have a lot of positive reviews then there's a good chance that your product is a quality one even if its sourced from China.

Also we can certainly help you even if it's a commoditized product but this made me and you might have a lot of stiff competition with lower prices for higher quality products. Just keep in mind it may take time to validate your product.

Keep in mind we still allow for clients to order multiple ASINs. There is no limitation on the number of products we manage for each client.

But in order to be successful with the best results, we feel our team needs to have 100% concentration and focus per ASIN (or SKU). Our services and fees are structured and tested based on continuous optimization effort per ASIN / SKU. Based on our experience, it's detrimental to shift focus on an entire Amazon account across multiple products or even hundreds of products. This is why everything we do for clients is based on per ASIN / SKU.

Also if you have many products but just want us to focus on one ASIN / SKU, then we recommend selecting the product that has a large upside potential but just needs market validation and scaling up. Or you can even select the top product for an additional boost or going after other market niche.

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